Rock Throwing...

…an underestimated superpower.

Don’t discredit the power of throwing rocks! Remember David and Goliath?

My little sister has always known her power. The youngest of four girls. The baby of the family. From the beginning she had a way of getting her way. Baby babble-talking wasn’t her thing. As a toddler when she needed something she would point and make a clicking noise. It was up to the big girls to decipher her intent and fulfill her desire. When she finally decided to talk it was in complete sentences.

On one occasion our attention was drawn to the sound of rocks hitting the back of the house. We immediately went to investigate the source. We found our three year old little sister peering above the tall grassy weeds in the field behind our house. My mother instructed me to go get her. It was treacherous to approach her…she just continued to hurl rocks in our direction!! I can’t remember why she was so angry, but you know the feeling?? HEY PEOPLE, take note!…I’m not happy over here!!!

This is Jo Chick. Just a reminder…Don’t mess with the chick!!!


jo chick

how adorable!


just a reminder

…don’t mess with the chick


that’s it

peace out.


ps…if you’re the mother of a princess warrior does that make you queen?

…oh but that’s another story.

Kim Converse