1960's Flashback

As an impressionable grade schooler, I was in awe of my big sis. We temporarily nicknamed her Twiggy. She took a fashion modeling/etiquette course. The schedule of activities included modeling sessions as a live mannequin in the window of our towns most elite dress shop. Sweetbriars had a prime location; on the corner across from the courthouse plaza in Prescott Arizona. I was star struck…Our very own Twiggy there in the window for all the world to see!!!

Nicknamed after the internationally famous British fashion model. Twiggy was quoted as saying, “Being young isn’t about age it’s about being a free spirit.” The free spirit concept was something that our mother impressed on her four daughters. I understood what that meant. Our Mom wanted us to be strong in the intent of Gods unique individuality for each of us. To follow our hearts. To think for ourselves. Not to be conformed by the worlds expectations or controlled by any phony ideology.

Inspired by my big sis, Our Twiggy is modeling a free spirit. She is just the way God intended her to be!


original design…

keeping it fresh





free to be me…

one of a kind

Being young isn’t about age it’s about being a free spirit.
Kim Converse