In Full Bloom

Can you imagine the distress of a first grade teacher as she discovers her entire class of students has gone missing!?? She went out onto the playground to call them in from recess and they were nowhere to be found. It was the first day of the school year and all of her children vanished! Well…then finally, what a tremendous relief to all. My mother phoned the school and informed them that the class of new students had gathered in our yard. My sister brought the whole class down the road to our house!

Many years, (actually several ((+)) decades) have come and gone since that day. My sister still has a tendency to give her all. If you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood she’ll invite you in. You’ll pass through the gate, then under an arch trellis, down the walkway and around the corner to the full view of her paradise. Select plants arranged in beautiful settings everywhere you look. You may have a seat on the wooden bench that she built, it’s situated comfortably along a canopy of trees. If you happen to glance down you’ll notice a lovely pattern of rock paving stones that she has meticulously set in place. If there is a slight breeze listen for the melody of the windchimes hanging nearby. It’s a great spot to catch a glimpse of wild parrots as they fly in for a treat. You will be entertained, appreciated, encouraged and blessed during the visit…

This is my Kimbirds interpretation of DR. Bloom. Her qualities are many. She’s a Master Gardener…somehow that translates into a lot more than gardening and horticulture.


In Full Bloom

A Kimbirds interpretation…


whistle while you work

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Kim Converse