Labor Day Weekend Giveaway!!!

Birds Fly Free!

Because, We love our bird-loving friends...

Kimbirds is giving a Free Bird with orders made Labor Day Weekend!!!

You’re gonna love this unique and generous time limited giveaway!

Any Kimbirds order that you make during our Labor Day Weekend Giveaway will include one Free Bird. Yes, that’s right!! A free bird will be a stowaway in your package.

The Free Bird will be chosen by me from the online inventory, as a gift to you.

Labor Day Weekend Giveaway runs Saturday September 1st through Monday September 3rd, 2018.

Don’t hesitate or delay. All Kimbirds are one of a kind...when a certain bird flies away, It’s gone.

Ok, let’s be specific. One free bird (chosen by me) will accompany any order. An order consisting of a bird pair or a group of birds will receive One Free Bird. An order of multiple birds will receive One Free Bird.

Imagine the value!



IMG_7349 (Edited).JPG

We've all been working hard!

Rest for just a minute...after you place your order!!!

Kim Converse