About Kimbirds

At the heart of my Kimbirds art is a desire to improve the quality of life. To bring a light hearted playful moment of happiness to others. While giving myself the pleasure of creativity.


My name is Kim Converse. The Kimbirds are creations made by my hands. I live in sunny Arizona, USA with my husband Kenny and our two labrador retrievers, Nellie and Cedar. We enjoy the outdoors and exploring the many scenic back roads of our beautiful state.


I’m a self taught artist. I was nearing the age of 60 when I began to pursue this artistic venture. As a late bloomer, I’m enjoying the best season of life. It’s been my motto; reserve some experiences for later in life, just to keep things interesting.


Each bird that I make seems to develop a character of its own. I’m compelled to continue creating one after the other. I can’t wait to see what the next one will turn out like.


The inspiration for Kimbirds comes from many sources. A song or a particular item may bring an idea for a bird design to my mind. Some bird designs come from my admiration of certain attributes of a person, whether fictional or an actual person. My imagination gets sparked and the outcome is a Kimbirds interpretation.


Who couldn’t use an adventure into imagination from time to time?